I am careful about my air quality

I am sensitive to moisture, smells and just anything really in my air quality.

I would totally but cut from the herd if I was living in the caveman days.

I need everything to be just right in order to live a healthy lifestyle. I have both a humidifier and dehumidifier in my home. I need a humidifier with my heating system to stop bloody noses, chapped lips and dry skin. I need a dehumidifier with my air conditioner so I don’t have acne, a bad rash or mildew growing in my house. I buy special HEPA filters that work to clean my air quality. I additionally have an air purifier in each room of my house. My HVAC contractor gave me a choice on air purification. I coil have gotten the big beastly air purifier plan that installs in my return air ducts. That type of system requires air filter changes and yearly maintenance though. It was a hefty installation fee. I wanted to have a stationary air cleaner for each room that I used in the house and be able to monitor them as well. My bedroom, office and living room all have an air cleaner. I bought a special model that looks like an antique thermos. A lot of people think my air purifier is a decorative piece. I have a pink one in my room, a grey one in the living room and the office one is black. They look really cute and I never have a problem with my allergies anymore. It was smart of me to dedicate time to my indoor air conditions.
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