The Heating and A/C servicemans arrived while I was enjoying my lunch

With my modern task, I’m an early bird everyday.

I have to get to bed fairly early so I can get up by 7am to get ready for my afternoon commute.

This wasn’t how I was in school at all. I only signed up for a class before 12pm 1 time while in my four years in school, and that was a class required for graduation. Nearly exclusively I got to bed late and slept in the following day. Once you get in the habit of doing it so much, it becomes a cycle too hard to easily break. By the time I had graduated and was looking for a full time task, I knew that I was going to need to make serious changes in my life suddenly if I was to hope for any long lasting success in life. This led to me keeping a healthy sleeping schedule, along with cooking all of my meals instead of purchasing take out and fast food every month at my heart’s satisfied. It was not long after this crucial turning point that I found the listing for my current task. I applied right away and was being interviewed a month later. By the 2 month point, I had landed a modern task. I was cheerful with myself. It’s nice to be up early in the mornings and eat lunch while the sun rises. This afternoon while I was eating my cereal and drinking my coffee, my Heating and A/C servicemans arrived to complete repairs on my central air conditioner. They’re replacing my fan motor and fixing the condensate line so I don’t get any water leaks from this point moving forward. I was impressed to see them finished by the time I was leaving for work. In my old life I would have been disgruntled getting up so early to let in Heating and A/C servicemans.


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