Not the best task, however it pays

I work as a sales rep for our local heating plus a/c business… I would much rather be doing something else as I have no real interest in heating plus cooling products, heating plus a/c home services or anything having to do with a central Heating plus A/C system; However, it pays the bills plus I can not get anything else until I get our university degree that I am going for while laboring here.

In the meantime, I am here selling heating plus a/c products plus services to local residents around the area. I get paid an minutely rate which is the only reason I keep this task. If I was to live on commission only, I would be a bum on the street because it is darn near impossible to sell more than a few things per week. It could be for self-explanatory heating plus a/c tune up plus check ups, it could be for a heating plus a/c repair, or it may be for a brand new plus honestly current central heating plus cooling system, then whatever the case, I do sell, however not enough to live on commission. I should get our university degree in the next year, and at that point I will be quitting this task plus moving on to get a task in something that pays better plus what I actually want to do, this is exactly what our university education is going to be for plus why I need it. This heating plus a/c supplier is simply not for me!


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