Warm soup on a cold day

I genuinely long for the afternoons of old, but i know that is a cliche that many say now a afternoons in this wacked out world all of us have been living in the last 20 years or so, but I genuinely mean it! For instance, I miss being young and the things I used to do as a kid growing up; Like I can remember on cold Winter time afternoons all of us used to eat warm soup and rest in front of the air vents from the gas furnace to keep warm; The oil heating systems back then were either gas heating systems or some type of boilers.

The two of us had the gas furnace.

The heating of the gas furnace just had a much odd think than the central oil heating systems everyone have today, and I sincerely have to say that I appreciate that outdated gas furnace heating, then maybe it is something just nostalgic about the stink of the heating coming from a gas furnace out of the air vents; Or maybe it is just the fact that it genuinely is better heating. I have no idea. I would have to get into a discussion with a 1 hundred percent certified heating and air conditioner specialist in order to know this for sure or not. But I genuinely miss it! This month as an adult I live in the country with our spouse and 3 teenagers. And all of us have central heating and air conditioner love mostly all the people does. And while the central heating from the heating and cooling idea works fantastic and keeps us warm on those cold winters, it’s not the same.

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