The flame entertained me

When all of us were kids all of us always were amused by the most silly things looking back at it now.

Everything from deranged games to the doing things care about riding dirt bikes.

One thing that I absolutely think was deranged plus dumb when I look back at it is how me plus our brother were amused by the yellow flame coming from the gas furnace in the basement of our condo growing up! I mean it’s just a gas flame coming out of a furnace for god sake! But still, I feel as 10 plus 14 year seasoned kids it makes sense that a colorful flame coming out of a gas furnace would be amusing. I absolutely don’t even care about gas heating systems today. Being mature now plus knowing more about life plus everything about it, I feel that gas heating systems can be dangerous in several ways. Everything from carbon monoxide poisoning to houses blowing up. There are so numerous ways you could die just from having a gas furnace! If I had known this as a kid I can tell you that there would have been no way that me plus our brother would have been amused by the yellow flame coming from the gas furnace! Every one of us absolutely would have been staying far away from the gas furnace as possible plus begged our parents to get rid of it! In those nights there was not a whole lot of option for heating with middle class families, however all of us could have had a tepid water boiler or something care about that instead.


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