Surviving a nuclear war.

In days like these, it is smart to be prepared for anything, especially nuclear war.

For this reason my friends and I made a huge underground nuclear bomb shelter.

This shelter isn’t your typical bomb shelter, ours has all the latest HVAC technology a person could ask for. We Installed some air vents that only carry air out, and we have an air vent that carries air in but in the vent there are three air purifiers. We also have a central air conditioning unit that keeps the rooms cool and a quality furnace for winter time. Both the air conditioner and the furnace are connected to a smart thermostat which we figured out how to install. I know this all seems excessive, but if we ever are forced to live down there for several years, we want to have heat and air conditioning. We also invested in a boiler which we connected to the underground shower so we could have heated running water. “How are all these HVAC units going to work?” you might ask; I also got a huge generator that has solar panels which I can put outside and it can power the a/c, furnace, and boiler/ While we did spend a lot of money on HVAC units for a shelter we may never need, it also works well for a man cave and lounge area. While many people think we went overboard and wasted a boatload of money on HVAC units we will never need, I believe that our bomb shelter and its air conditioning and furnace will one day save our lives.

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