I went to visit a friend.

I drove up to my friend Jacie’s house recently just to visit. I hadn’t seen her or her family in several weeks and I really missed them. When I got to my friend’s house, the first thing I noticed was the temperature. I was so warm in her house that I started sweating after only being there a few minutes. Jacie apologized for the extreme heat and said that her dad was working on their air conditioning and had been for a while. Jacie said that that day was the hottest day they had all summer, and her air conditioner decided to quit that evening. We went to bed that night without any air conditioner, and it was a rough night. I tossed and turned and never even went under my blankets because it was so hot. The next day Jacie called the HVAC business and asked if they could come that day and fix her air conditioner. The HVAC business said they were currently booked and the earliest they could send an a/c technician was in two days. Jacie was upset, but that’s all she could do. I, being good with my hands, decided to give the air conditioner a try. I took the air conditioner apart and started fiddling with it. The fan was in good condition and all the cooling coils, nothing seemed out of place in the air conditioner. Then I found a hole in the coolant tank. I went to the HVAC store and found some coolant, and also some coolant tank patches. With these two items I was able to fix the air conditioner on my own! Jacie called the HVAC business and told them we had fixed the air conditioner on our own.



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