I live being a freelancer.

It seems like freelancer jobs are getting more and more popular these days, and I understand why.

  • As an HVAC freelancer, or some would call me an HVAC contractor, I am not under an HVAC company or business, I simply run my own schedule and business.

When I get a call for an a/c or furnace repair, I don’t need to check with a company to go, I make my own schedule. While this definitely has its advantages, being a self-employed HVAC contractor has its downside. When you work for an actual HVAC business, there is an organized system of jobs which keep the business running smoothly. They have the HVAC repair men, the HVAC office workers who take phone calls and take care of the paper side of business, then you have the owner who ensures he has the best HVAC technicians he can find and that they are doing their jobs right. Another perk of working under an HVAC business is that they often have air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, and thermostats in stock at their warehouse, so when someone orders a new HVAC unit, they most likely will already have it in stock. While HVAC business has its advantages, I would much prefer to be able to run my own schedule, even if i have to do alot of the work on my own. I have hired a person to do the paper side of my HVAC business, but for the most part, I do the rest. I order the HVAC units, I install them, and I do annual checkups on many of my client’s air conditioners and furnaces. Both HVAC business and freelancing are wonderful jobs, choose the one that works best for you.



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