Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

My family has had the same HVAC repairman for many years. We came to love him and invite him in for dinner whenever he would finish inspecting our furnace and air conditioner. Unfortunately, our regular HVAC inspector was sick when his time came to inspect our furnace and a/c so he had to send a substitute HVAC serviman to take his place. It wasn’t a huge deal to us until we met this substitute. The man was huge, standing a whole foot taller than my dad, and his face had scars on it as if he was a warrior rather than an HVAC serviceman. When he finished with our furnace and air conditioner, we asked him to stay for dinner. The HVAC serviceman accepted and founded us for dinner. We were expecting this man to be mean, quiet, and creepy, but instead he was very kind and quite gentle. He told us how he got into HVAC and how much he enjoyed installing and fixing furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, and thermostats. We soon realized that he had misjudged this kind HVAC serviceman who was genuinely a kind person. After dinner, my dad asked him to explain how to work our new smart thermostat and the HVAC serviceman kindly helped my dad with it, free of pay. Now we are good friends with two HVAC servicemen and both of their families. Not to sound selfish, but having two good HVAC services as friends has given us opportunities to save and get discounts on multiple air conditioners and furnaces which has been a blessing.


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