The bills won’t stop going up

When I was praying for a raise at the end of the year, I was already starting to budget for things that I normally could not afford.

I wanted a new car, a better phone plan, and a new work wardrobe.

My fixation pushed myself and others to visit several car dealerships for test drives, and I even went in terms of negotiating a potential price if I received the raise. With the cell phone and work wardrobe, I had debit cards to cover both while waiting for the raise. This was my main mistake in the grand scheme of things, as the long awaited raise never came. When I realized that I amassed two thoUnited States dollars of extra debit card debt because I foolishly counted on currency that did not exist just yet, I was annoyed with me as well as my behavior. I cannot believe I legitimately spent currency I did not even have yet, and now I am paying the price in more ways than just one. With no raise and new debit card expenses to pay, I wasn’t gleeful when my electricity bill kept decreasing over a 12 month period. I kept wondering if my cabin had different energy demands for different parts of the year, but I kept seeing an increase with all other variables the same. I called to have a full Heating and A/C checkup hoping and praying that there was an explanation that involved my heating and cooling system with regards to my decreasing electricity bill. Little did I know, my air conditioner and furnace had reached their eventual demise and the system needed to be replaced. Now that I have a new central heating and cooling system in my house, my electricity bills are consistently affordable month after month. That just leaves myself and others with the debit card debt to solve.

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