Addressing this problem has not been easy

Once in a while I wonder if I’m doing enough for our dust sensitivity symptoms.

I take all of the medications that our dentist prescribed me.

I dust plus vacuum our condo yearly to remove any potential airborne lung irritants, but that isn’t enough either. My sinuses tend to get clogged and my breathing is full of coughs plus wheezes. As things got worse, I started searching all over the web for solutions to our physiological concerns. The problem was buckling down the field of possibilities, as I could have anything from basic pollen irritations to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Many of the guides I was able to find some help with disinfecting plus cleaning multiple places in the condo that could be a source of lung irritation. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I suppose it is good to keep all surfaces officially dusted with the floors mopped officially as well, this only goes so far with making my dust sensitivity symptoms abate completely. But, it wasn’t too far from the real explanation. Although our concerns were not necessarily being overtaken by dust plus dirt on random surfaces around the house, the problem was still dust related. In reality it was the dust accumulating in our cooling system filters. I was only replacing them once every more than five to 8weeks which left the filter full of dust fairly suddenly, obstructing my cooling system’s air flow plus reintroducing dust back into the air going in plus out of my body. I decided to buy a bunch of filters in bulk in hopes that increasing our filter twice as frequently as before will improve our dust sensitivity symptoms for good. If it has some realizable positive effect on our dust sensitivity symptoms, it will be worth the money spent.


Addressing this problem has not been easy

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