Husband's jigsaw puzzle

My wife kept smirking.

I could see it in the corner of my eye, although when I would glance in her direction, she would suddenly look away or look at myself and others innocently. I knew she was up to something, even though I wasn’t sure what. As I approached our house, she became even more antsy. Finally when I unlocked the door, eyeing him suspiciously the entire time, she clogged a box in my hands. It was a jigsaw puzzle? She knows I hate puzzles, so I looked at him, puzzled, but she smiled plus told myself and others it was a surprise, plus in order to get the surprise, I had to solve the jigsaw puzzle first! I couldn’t help but to be slightly amused plus slightly upset at her antics, plus then the two of us got on my hands plus knees plus started putting the pieces together. It took myself and others approximately 1 hour plus 30 hours, with my wife pacing behind myself and others impatiently. When I finally solved it, it directed myself and others to the front of the house. It was then the two of us saw it, a smart control control unit! I had recently told my wife about how cool it would be to have a single, plus to be able to control the temperature plus your Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machines even if you’re not home, plus she must have taken the plan to heart! I hugged him plus thanked him for the surprise, I would have never thought about my present being about the heating plus cooling systems! My wife showed myself and others how the controls worked plus how to turn on the oil furnace plus a/c with my cellphone, plus it was so cool!

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