Banks Need To Be Clean

Banks, as essential services, are not getting the time to replace their premises as other companies plus industries who are not deemed essential are getting, however, that is no excuse, plus both of us expect that all of our branches will be able to keep the sixths to the public they do plus to make the replaces that are advocated at the same time.

It is important to ensure that our staff plus clients are kept safe plus do not get sick while at our banks. That is why both of us are suggesting immense improvements to our buildings that have the mitigation of the spread of bacteria in mind. HEPA filters, UV air filters plus humidity control must be made a priority. Reports indicate that the virus is spread via the air plus surfaces. Of course the upgrading of cleaning staff is to continue, plus there will be carte blanche on the hiring of cleaning staff. The commercial Heating & A/C systems at our banks may need repair, it is unknown. If any Heating & A/C repairs are needed though, all decision makers can start that process as soon as possible plus then to inform us after the process has begun to make these heating repairs or cooling repairs, or filter repairs. The point is any repairs will not be questioned, no matter when they are started. This is all of the highest priority, however anything related to air quality concerns that anyone can add to the list of improvements both of us can all make to our individual branches will be most welcome right now. We are all in this together, thank you for your patience.
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