Almost caught the virus

I just found out that I could potentially be infected with the newest virus! I have been mainly staying home, as apart from the fact that I have a easily small social life, I simply have no reason to go out; I work online & I don’t entirely have somewhere to go, especially not in the times of a virus.

Although one night I was hungry & decided to go & get a snack, I was desperately craving a candy bar. I thought a quick stop to the gas station wouldn’t hurt, however I was wrong. I picked up my candy bar & left, only to watch the news later to find out one of the employees tested positive! I freaked out & put myself in lake home isolation! Thankfully I already had an whole-house air purifier system, however I haven’t used it in awhile. It used to be used for my flu symptoms… But my flu symptoms have faded over time, so I put it away in the garage. I dug it up & turned it on, it still worked pretty good, & I just had to dust it off. I turned it on to hopefully get rid of any potential germs, even if I was already infected. I had planned on getting more supplies, however I didn’t have nearly enough so I had my sibling go shopping for me & drop the groceries at my door. I turned up my cooling system & stayed next to it to stay nice & cool. I know until this virus is over, I will just have to like my air conditioner device & my lake home purification system.

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