You can make a good living working in the heating and cooling industry

My best friend John started in the food service industry as a server because his eventual goal was to become a chef after eventually attending culinary school.

But after a few years of constant verbal abuse from owners and supervisory chefs, he decided that food service wasn’t the right place for him.

His dad suggested that he attend trade school, but John was hesitant. I think that too many people in our parents’ generation tried to convince us that college was the only valid route to take post secondary school. However, trade schools are a phenomenal place for the sort of people who aren’t cut out for the academic route in most universities. Why waste money on college if trade school is a better fit? My father is a proud electrician and makes much better money right now than I do, so you can’t fault that path for being a bad financial decision either. Thankfully John took his father’s advice and went to trade school. While some of his fellow classmates were eager to follow the culinary or auto mechanic routes, John was impressed by HVAC right from the start. The heating and cooling industry is constantly evolving and the need for indoor climate control continues to grow by the year. More people around the country and the rest of the world will transition to indoor climate control over the next few decades. You’re not seeing an exodus of people from the world of residential HVAC like you do with cable TV subscriptions. If anything, people in my country spend more on HVAC every single year. John’s job security in the HVAC is pretty much guaranteed as long as he keeps a good work ethic and cultivates a positive work environment attitude around coworkers and clients alike.

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