Tomorrow I’m going to get the UV-C bulb in my HVAC system replace

I don’t remember suffering from any allergies as a kid, aside from perhaps a single bad reaction to a random nausea medication.

Whenever I got sick with a head cold or the flu, I was always the one in the family who recovered the quickest.

Sometimes I would go as long as two years without getting sick enough to miss a day of school. At that age you almost want an excuse every once in a while to miss school, but that’s hard to do when you’re the one kid in the family that rarely gets sick. While I’ll let my kids have a “mental health day” every once in a while if they’re doing well at school, my parents did not share this mindset whatsoever. Plus, I’m finally getting shafted with some of the sicknesses I avoided as a kid. I thought that I was simply getting exposed to more germs through my kids and that was why I kept getting bronchitis every year, but I learned that instead it’s due to having asthma now. Contrary to my disposition in childhood, I am extremely sensitive to indoor air quality nowadays. For instance, I’m getting a UV-C bulb replacement in my air conditioner tomorrow. The UV-C bulb in my air conditioner helps sanitize the air in my house. It can kill both airborne bacteria and fungal spores as the air cycles through the air handler. Between my UV-C bulb and my special air conditioner filters, my indoor air quality is much better these days. I’ll do whatever I can to breathe better in my home.


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