Our bathroom lacks a vent to the central HVAC ductwork

I didn’t mind buying an older house, especially knowing that I could do a lot of the renovations to upgrade the space and bring it into the 21st century. However, I wasn’t anticipating nearly as much work as it ended up being in the long run. First of all, the seller lied about the age of the roof and left me in a position where I had to pay for a new one if I wanted to get home insurance. While sorting out the legal battle with the seller, I have been doing some remodeling when I have the time. I’m happy that the roof was fixed quickly, but my upgrades only started from there. My next project involved upgrading the kitchen countertops, the appliances, and the kitchen sink. I also wasn’t finished with the kitchen either. Finally I proceeded to do the same thing with my two bathrooms. I ripped out everything and purchased fixtures from a brand new bathroom vanity to a new shower and new toilet in both the guest bathroom and the master bathroom. There was one other thing I needed to address, at least with the guest bathroom. Unlike the master bathroom, the guest bathroom never came with a vent connecting it to the central HVAC system. With its current design, the bathroom only truly gets ventilation when the door is open. There is an exhaust fan for steam, but there is no air vent or air return for the air conditioner and furnace. I paid to have an additional vent going from my central HVAC system, but that involved serious ductwork upgrades and they weren’t cheap.



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