My client’s home had no air conditioning in it and it’s the beginning of August

I wonder some days if I chose the right path in life going to nursing school and becoming a full-time RN.

While the good days reaffirm my passion for helping others, the bad days leave me feeling burned out and helpless.

My nice patients are some of the nicest people I could ever ask for, but the rough patients are downright mean sometimes. I had this one client a year ago who would shout racial epithets to his TV while I was in his home working on the bandage over his wounded foot. While we were of the same race, he didn’t know that my wife is a person of color and I was deeply offended by some of the comments this man was making. I learned later from a colleague that he had just lost his wife, which made me feel sorry for him, but it doesn’t excuse the cruel, dehumanizing statements he makes about certain groups of people that he happens to hate. I had another client who wasn’t nasty, but working in his home was a nightmare because he had no air conditioner whatsoever. This was during the dog days of summer and some afternoons temperatures were upwards to 100 degrees outside, making his home a hot, humid nightmare. When you’re an at-home nurse, you don’t get to choose your patients. Sometimes they might be mean, and sometimes they might lack air conditioners during the times when most people would need them the most. Although I’ll suffer in a hot environment with no air conditioner, it means I don’t have to work on a racist client making comments that would make my wife break down into tears.


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