I feel bad for anyone stuck in that old hospital with the terrible air conditioning inside

My town is somewhat forgotten along the Atlantic coast for other towns that attract wealthier tourists and house wealthier residents.

Our county doesn’t want to dedicate money towards fixing our infrastructure, even if it means letting our roads crumble beneath the weight of our vehicles everyday.

I think many of us would be happier paying higher taxes if it meant more ambulances on the road and an actual police force beyond four cruisers. But no matter how many pleas we make to the county commissioners, they’re happy to forget we even exist if it means focusing solely on the places most attractive to out-of-state tourists. That means we’re forced to deal with an old and aging hospital that is desperately in need of new equipment and new facilities. My brother’s wife had to deliver a baby in that hospital because she unexpectedly broke her water a week early, and she said the experience was a total nightmare. One of the worst parts about that hospital isn’t even the outdated medical equipment, it’s the outdated air conditioning inside. Few rooms have isolated air conditioning, and the ones that don’t all share air being circulated from old air conditioners that aren’t strong enough to keep the entire facility cold enough. Hospitals are supposed to be colder than other indoor spaces to lower the chances of germs growth and transmission. How can you do that in an old hospital with air conditioners that haven’t been upgraded in decades? If the state and county won’t dedicate the money towards improvements for the hospital, we’re going to be stuck with experiences of poor air conditioning if we are ever unlucky enough to need the emergency room for any reason.

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