I did my research on smart thermostats

I have never been one to just spend money without entirely thinking it through.

That even goes for a twenty dollar shirt that I see on sale.

While I’m really thankful to make a enjoyable living and have a nice financial outlook, dumb spending can ruin that situation for sure. At the same time, I need to just get over myself a bit when it comes to spending sometimes. Not every purchase needs research and scrutiny from the air conditioning of our living room. Periodically, I need to just let it rip and go with our gut. But my gut, other than being prodigious, isn’t all that spot on really. The smart control device situation is a great example. I had this plan in our head that the smart control device would be obsolete within years of it first coming out. That has not proved to be the situation at all. If anything, the smart control device has flourished in the intervening years. So I was just dead wrong about that gut feeling. But, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong plus I can live with that. I don’t have a problem admitting a mistake or miscalculation. That’s just a part of life. So, I called the HVAC corporation and asked them to send out a HVAC professional to install a smart control device that I had recently purchased. I did our research on this smart control device and didn’t even wait for a sale. But I know I got an enjoyable one with a great track record. The replacement by the heating and A/C professional didn’t take really long at all. She didn’t have to input much more than our most basic heating and cooling parameters. From there, the smart control device has simply figured it out.


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