Grandma had to get the A/C fixed

It caused some electrical wires to loosen.

We were supposed to spend the holidays without our parents out of the country, and then there was a large snowstorm that grounded all the flights. Both of us had already travelled from our home, though, and so we didn’t want to go back to spend time alone. Both of us planned on joining up with our cousins at our Grandma’s home out in the countryside. Then, when the storm was over, we got a vehicle and we drove to surprise all of them. They were so glad to see us, and we knew that we would have a great holiday. Then one morning, we woke up to a banging noise in the home. It was coming from the A/C unit. Grandma asked us to check it out, however we were not sure what was going on. We turned it off, and then Grandma insisted we get an A/C mechanic to come plus repair it. It was winter, and nobody wanted to endure the cold weather outside. My sibling had some experience unquestionably working on A/C units, however Grandma did not want to risk it with a house full of people. Both of us obeyed, and so we called an A/C mechanic to come inspect the cause of the banging noise. The A/C mechanic took a long time to get to the home since there was snow everywhere. Once he opened up the A/C unit, he saw that some of the fan blade had come off. This part was being blown around inside the equipment. It caused some electrical wires to loosen. The best way to repair the faulty A/C fan was to remove it. Grandma agreed to this, plus the A/C mechanic began taking the cooling system apart. In addition, he had to tighten the loose electrical wires which had come loose.
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