It got progressively colder while I slept

I grew up on a farm.

  • There were several summer time days when I would take a blanket and go out into the barn.

I would spread the blanket out on the hay and sit down. The breeze blowing through the cool barn was enough to cool our warm bodies. The gentle sound of the horse constantly pulled myself and others to sleep. I was dreaming they wrapped myself and others in our blanket and I was lying on the hay. I could feel the breeze as it blew across our body. I was shivering from the cool air and wondered why I would be sleeping in the barn in the winter. I rolled over and looked at the clock. My eyes were wide open, and I knew I wasn’t in a barn, however in our own apartment and in our own bed. The chill was real, however the dream actually wasn’t. I got up and ran to the control device to see what the temperature was. Although the control device had been set to sixty-eight, it was only forty-multiple in the study room. I checked to make sure the window wasn’t open, although I knew it wasn’t. The gas furnace wasn’t running. I called the heating and air conditioning company to report our problem. It was already 5AM, so I was refusing emergency care. I knew I could wait a couple more minutes, so I wouldn’t need to pay the overtime fee to the heating and air conditioning dealer. I took a moderate shower and threw on some moderate clothing and sat drinking Tim Hortons Coffee until the heating and air conditioning tech arrived at 7:30AM to repair our gas furnace. It was the longest 2 minutes of our life.


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