I didn’t know I was voiding my HVAC warranty

Saving on pretty much anything has been a top priority over the last year.

Once the pandemic was started, I was relegated to working from my dwelling which cut my pay by roughly 25 percent.

My husband also had to do his work from the Heating and Air Conditioning security of our dwelling but at a lesser rate. This led us to try plus cut back on just anything that the two of us could manage. All spending was meant only for essentials in order to maintain our lives. Not being able to go to diners or prefer entertainment were also a good amount of help in reducing our overall expenses. But, I ended up costing us a tremendous amount of money by trying to save money on something I had no business messing with in the first place. That would be the Heating and Air Conditioning. Like most everything in the dwelling this past year, I have tried to repair or make do in order to get us through the year separate from extra costs. So when the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance cooling started acting up, I made the move to see if I could repair it. The cool air coming from the vents wasn’t cool in the least. This was causing the Heating and Air Conditioning to operate for much longer in order to meet demand. I figured it was just a recharge situation. So, I bought a Heating and Air Conditioning recharge kit plus did it myself. Well, I completely over filled it plus ended up messing up the Heating and Air Conditioning incredibly badly. Not only did I have to pay for all the expensive repairs, I also voided the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance warranty unknowingly by not having a Heating and Air Conditioning professional repair the cooling appliance. It was a very expensive lesson indeed. And there couldn’t have been a more terrible time for that to happen.


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