The issue was with the heater

I was going to see my mother this past Holiday season and it was a cold one.

My mother’s home is all over the part with temperatures due to it being an older house as well as not having anything but ceiling fans in addition to an oil heater.

My mother uses an older oil furnace that has an on site tank. So she needed a heating professional to come in in addition to service it. Several freezing nights passed in addition to finally my mother went down to the basement in addition to having seen how gross it was around the oil tank. She thought perhaps an airway was clogged with debris. She thought maybe this was stopping the oil tank idea from finally working good – no such luck! She gave it a few good tries. She waited a few nights in addition to then called an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C dealer to take a look at the oil tank, since it had not been taken care of in the past few years as well as was original when she had purchased the home almost 10 years back! So, the lesson l gained here was to try your best before calling a professional. Then when all else fails, call the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C dealer so you are not stuck with no heating. I felt terrible for my mom in addition to her faulty oil tank. The repair ended up being quite expensive. She is pretty handy so she thought she would have no problem getting the oil tank going once more! Occasionally when you are too deep into something that is far too out of your knowledge, it is best to call it in addition to have a professional come in.

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