I don’t want to sit by that guy

My current job is taking a lot out of myself and others everyday. Two or more hours a day are spent on a busy highway with our day and day commutes. Even if I’m somehow fortunate to show up to the job without an awful mood accompanying me, I’m sure to get 1 after an hour of interacting with our coworkers. They seriously can be frustrating, especially the guy who is consistently making noise. He fidgets on a ridiculous level I have never before seen in another person. He’s either addicted to some variety of prescription stimulants or he drinks too much coffee. Whether he’s creaking his chair, quickly clicking a pen, talking loudly into the PC, or slamming his keyboard with brute force, I simply struggle to stay focused during our shift. I asked our boss if I could use a new set of headphones and listen to music at low volume, but he refused. However, I’m granted the opportunity to take a day off from the job if I really need to make a doctor’s appointment or go out to meet a relative at the airport. For instance, I took this day off from the job to monitor the upgrade of our old, broken central air conditioner. My former Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan lasted for 18 years before the large air handler finally quit working. It was finally time to get a whole modern air conditioner altogether, especially knowing how inefficient our outdated plan was. Thankfully, the professional upgrade of our current air conditioner went off without a hitch. I made sure that the HVAC workers vacuumed our copper refrigerant tubes before putting in the current condenser, as well. This prevents any outdated coolant from contaminating the current plan and quickly damaging its compressor outside.


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