That is how I can work out now

I decided on the size, electricity and how the area would be laid out

When my boyfriend and I bought our beach house there was a giant backyard shed that both of us hoped to get in. My boyfriend is a big time hoarder. He has tons of video games that he used in college that can’t be thrown out. He has lots of gaming systems he no longer will play. He never throws away a broken headset and will frequently grab things up on the side of the road simply because it is free. I wanted the shed to be a fitness area for myself and my boyfriend however had to give it up for a storage location for him. My boyfriend has filled the shed to the ceiling. He added shelving and peg board in order to hang more stuff. I couldn’t even do skips in the shed because it was so full. For working out I have struggled to find a locale to go. My front porch is too little and inside of the beach house isn’t the right floor. I found online that a shipping container dealer does do mobile gyms. You can get a prefab shipping container and convert it into the perfect workout space. Since I am not truly technologically smart, I called the mobile container dealer instead of designing the area online. The person on the iPhone was amazing at talking me through the process. I decided on the size, electricity and how the area would be laid out. I got hooks to hold my jump ropes, shelving for my inflated ball and I even have a built in sound system. The area is just wide and long enough to hold a single folding mat perfectly.


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