Should leave waxing to the professionals

At least I was able to hide the terrible mess I created

Until the recent COVID debacle, I kept a mandatory appointment at the local salon. I got everything from my nails to my eyebrows taken care of professionally. I’ve never pulled any body hair on my own. However, the salon has been forced to close for several months, as well as I got desperate. I finally took matters into my own hands, as well as it was a big mistake. I started by giving myself a manicure as well as a pedicure. When that went well, I was encouraged to grab the tweezers as well as do some plucking on my eyebrows. The process was painful as well as not totally great. I really don’t have the same skillset as the esthetician who handles the normal threading of our eyebrows… My brows didn’t come out quite as neat as well as clean as well as the plucking was downright awful. Still, I figured I could handle at-home waxing. I went online, read some reviews as well as ordered a house waxing kit. Within two mornings, the kit was delivered right to my front step. I hoped the rest of the procedure would be that easy. I found out that a lot can go wrong. I had some trouble managing the temperature of the wax, particularly getting it way too warm. I particularly caused red spots as well as pulled off some of our skin. It was harshly painful as well as left me with red, bupy areas. I am just thankful that I stuck with waxing our legs as well as not my eyebrows. At least I was able to hide the terrible mess I created. I have learned my lesson. Until the salon opens back up, I will stick with shaving as well as plucking.

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