Relocation to a bee colony

I remember back one summer I had a really bad bee issue.

I’m not exactly sure where it started, because I had lived in this area for a long time, and I hadn’t had any real issues.

Then it’s like the bumble bee population went through a sudden boom, and I had a ton of them! I could probably count 100 in a day, it was crazy! I also would constantly get them in my house all of the time, everyday it became a task of removing them. It really started getting annoying, so I searched online for bumble bee help. There were a lot of results and I started reading more. I was relieved that I didn’t necessarily need a bee exterminator. There were options for relocation for the bees. I didn’t really want to kill the bees, I just needed a way for bee removal. Thankfully there were honeybee rescues that took all kinds of bees. I learned through that website that they specialized in honeybee removal and transported them to a honey farm. The beekeeper then has tons of honey hives to look after, and then will collect honey. Then they would put on their website the honey for sale. I found this to be a much better option than bee eradication. I called the bee rescue place, and they collected most of the bees. I’m not too worried, because I think in a few summers I will have another healthy population of bees again. Hopefully this time nothing extreme. Although at least if the population jumped, I would know what to do this time.
Residential bee removal

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