I chose to have a divorce lawyer in order to help me through my break from my husband

When I married my husband, I totally committed to a lifelong union that wouldn’t be torn apart for any reason whatsoever. Despite our best efforts, we keep getting pushed farther apart. Part of the drawback is that we married far too young. The two of us met in school and there were engaged after approximately 2 years of dating. By the time we gained our degrees, we had already tied the knot. It didn’t take long for us to begin drifting apart. I easily realized that I didn’t actually know myself when we originally met, in addition to I could see that I had changed severely in just the past few years alone. Suddenly we no longer enjoyed the same movies, music, food, indoor temperature settings, or even brightness level of the lights in our dwelling. The two of us butt heads on every drawback that comes our way. As much as I enjoy my guy, I realize that we would both be happier with different people. I started seeing a divorce lawyer who was able to tell me how I should proceed from there. When I went to my husband and told him that I was hoping to get a divorce, he said that he had been thinking the same thing. Even though we had a friendly divroce, we each got our own divorce attorney to represent us in court. The two of us both were thinking that was the best choice to make for one another, especially since neither of us had gone through this procedure before. My divorce lawyer told me that the divorce should be completed in the next 2 weeks. Regrettably the courts have slowed during this COVID crisis for all lawyers despite the type of practice they run or work for.


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