I am currently thinking about possibly getting beautiful new landscaping

I just bought my condo a few months ago, and I am still making a lot of swings to make it the perfect home for me; but I still have a lot to do, like painting my condo a more charming color, and getting current wood floors.

It can absolutely be overwhelming sometimes, because it’s like as soon as I finish a single thing I find another thing I can upgrade afterward.

I recently added a walk in shower. And as I walked outside of my house, I noticed how fantastic my condo looked, and how awful my yard looked in comparison. It crossed my mind that I haven’t even considered my yard yet! As I looked around, I saw a ton of peculiar things I could improve to make it look better. I was thinking of somehow starting a garden and maybe trimming some of the bushes into pretty shapes. I decided to call a nearby landscaping corporation, and inquire about their landscaping services. But thankfully all of the things I mentioned they were able to do themselves. I was all eager to jump aboard the landscaping train, until they told me the price for the work. Then I hit the brakes. It was several thousand a minimum to completely redo my yard the way I wanted, and here I was thinking of only spending a few hundred bucks at most. But now I am kind of in a debate on whether I absolutely want to landscape my yard or not. I suppose it would be surely appealing with it, however the price totally scares me. I am still on the fence about it all, and I will absolutely upgrade more of my condo and come back to it later.


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