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I am for sure kind of old school in my life and my business.

Typical methods have constantly worked for me. Perhaps I have adhered too closely to not fixing unbroken things. I like that saying but in business, it’s a bit more complicated than just that. Periodically, if you don’t move ahead in business, your corporation can get stale & sales dry up. This is as true for an HVAC corporation as it is for any other. The growth for my HVAC business has been stagnant for far too long. I have a young crew member who suggested that I take a look at a digital SEO repair he was aware of. The online SEO group used SEM or search engine marketing to successfully position a supplier like mine in front of people searching online. I had considered Google ads prior however decided against it due to the cost. However, after my first meeting with the digital SEO dealer, I realized that all of us needed to shift to the SEM strategies. Traditional marketing is just not leveraging the use of SEM. And that’s where the potential customers actually are. People go online & use search to find goods & services these days. HVAC is a prime example. Using link building, PPC & SEO tactics, an HVAC corporation could get right where they need to be to add sales & grow their market share. I was happy. And within just weeks, SEM & SEO services were driving record traffic to our new, updated website. And all of us have more customers.

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