Trying out cross fit for a challenge

A focus on my health and wellness is something that I have been into for a relatively short time.

I have considered myself an active individual.

But, I really haven’t been consistent about taking care of myself. My diet and exercise behaviors weren’t what I wanted them to be. I often let the rest of my life get in front of my health and fitness goals. Fortunately, my wife got me into going to the local gym. She had gotten a gym membership through a corporate wellness program. And once she got her workout program, she was off and running. Her whole perspective changed. I noticed that she was less stressed with way more energy to tackle her busy schedule. She was just happier overall. This made a very big impression on me because I saw the changes first hand. A commitment to health and wellness was transforming my wife. At first, I was a bit intimidated by all the opportunities at the health and fitness center. But, I found some guidance and joined in with a group of beginners just like me. I started my workout program which included plenty of cardio, yoga, weight lifting along with plenty of nutritional counseling. From there, I got into personal physical training with a personal trainer. This has all culminated in me going for a new fitness challenge. I have signed up for a cross fit program. It’s not at a cross fit gym but at my local health and fitness center. It’s something that I never thought I would even be capable of doing. I’m really excited to see that I can even attempt something like cross fit.



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