There is just so much to do at my gym

It sort of shocks me to realize that, deep down, I really wanted a gym membership.

  • This was not at all apparent to me.

I found that I became super stoked about my individual approach to health and wellness. Learning about cross fit or weight lifting along with the nutritional programs became so exciting for me. I had no earthly idea that I could get all of this at my local health and fitness center. That proves that all it takes is giving things a try and exposing yourself to new experiences. I thought going to the local gym would be all about sweating over the weight lifting. Then there was the intimidation factor. I didn’t want to be the only out of shape person in there. Lucky for me, I have a great friend who was in the same spot once. She joined the local gym when she received a gym membership as a gift. It took her a lot of courage to actually show up at the local gym. But once she did, she found a myriad of workout programs to help improve her life. The big thing that was key to her transformation was the nutritional counseling paired with personal training. She got help to put a workout program in place that was both fun and achievable. It’s been nearly a year and she has fully committed to her health and wellness. With her guidance and motivation, I hope to find the same success with my health and wellness goals.

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