I get far more out of my gym membership than I thought I would

This could be revealing as far as my age goes.

But the health and fitness centers of today are far different from what I remember.

I was an athlete in my younger days and I was into a workout program back them. I found that a workout program really helped me to excel when I competed athletically. But that was also a time when the local gym was not all that appealing a place to be. It was full of dudes who were totally into their weight lifting. The local gym that I went to didn’t even have much cardio equipment. Personal training was basically other guys yelling in your face. And any nutritional counseling was completely non existent. That local gym was not exactly the place for a shy teenager. Still, I found that my workout program really was valuable so I kept up with it. Once I finished with my competitive athletic career, I sort of let down my guard and allowed my gym membership to lapse. A whole lot of years went by without any sort of workout program to guide my health and fitness. I did get out for a daily walk and played some golf and tennis. But, I did not fully commit to my overall health and wellness. That all changed recently as I made a new foray into the local health and fitness center. I was stunned by the changes. There were so many workout programs to choose from. I signed up for a gym membership on the spot. My first move was to get with a certified fitness expert in order to more fully embrace my new commitment to health and wellness. I have even found yoga to be something I really look forward to.

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