Dusty roads in the neighbourhood clog air filter

It’s been a while since I moved to my new neighbourhood and since i moved in, it’s been peaceful and calming.

However, over the last few weeks, the council decided to pave new roads and fix the drainage system.

When that started I was already out of town. Part of the reconstruction passes right under my apartment so the dust really accumulated and settled on everything. When I came back, I cleaned the whole house the first 2 days then did laundry. I fully managed to relax the third day and that’s when I noticed the air conditioning system was malfunctioning. I intentionally did not clean it because, first, its mounted high up and secondly I didn’t think it would be affected. But it was clearly struggling to blow out air, so I immediately called in an air conditioning professional who didn’t bring his tools to open and access the air filter, but his basic assessment confirmed my fears. So the following day I contacted his HVAC company and they sent over a different a/c repairman who checked and cleaned the unit. Now because the construction was an ongoing thing, the new contractor advised me to keep using the mini split to avoid more dust accumulation. It would also help maintain the air quality at a certain level. Such occurrences are common in the air conditioning business so you find that most heating and cooling providers do an air conditioning install, perform regular checks and offer homeowner solutions. The cooling industry in particular, has a higher experience of installing new HVAC than performing furnace/heater repair.

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