Personal training elevates my fitness level

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed trying new things.

For example, I have climbed mountains, tried skydiving, bungee jumping and fly fishing.

I am willing to take risks and try things that I might not be good at. I see this as an opportunity to grow and find activities that I will excel at and love. Asking for help or shying away from things is not me in any way. I have learned that working with a professional can be very helpful. I have signed up for golf and tennis lesions. I have enrolled in sessions with a personal trainer at the gym. For years, I let my gym membership be wasted because I just didn’t see it as exciting or a new and worthwhile endeavor. Getting instruction has provided motivation and offered access to new styles of training and equipment. The personal training programs challenge me. The certified fitness expert pushes me to be faster, stronger and more productive. My personal trainer has worked with me to develop a customized workout program to deliver maximum benefits. We’ve set identifiable goals. I got extra help from nutritional counseling. Because of the personal training sessions, I am able to pursue more challenging activities. I am healthy and confident. My whole perspective on health and fitness has changed. My priorities have changed. I’m now committed to my daily training sessions. I look forward to working out with my personal trainer five times per week. I enjoy being held accountable, getting weighed and measured and living up to high expectations.

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