Personal trainer gets me motivated

My history with physical fitness isn’t the greatest. I have enrolled in gym memberships off and on for many years. Signing up always seems like such a great idea when I first decide to get in better shape. I typically lose interest after the first few weeks. It just wasn’t something I stuck with. I tended to lack the motivation to make the time and effort. I’d make an excuse, skip a day and then it would get easier and easier to opt out. I also have trouble figuring out what to do with myself. I tend to just get on a treadmill and run the whole time. I might lift a few weights. I’m no expert when it comes to fitness. I don’t have a clue how to get a full body workout. Everything changed for me just recently. I was at the gym doing my usual when someone handed me a coupon for two free sessions with a personal trainer. I was interested because it was free. I had every intention of taking advantage of those two sessions and then calling it quits. However, those sessions were absolutely amazing. The trainer had me doing all sorts of new types of exercises. I was barely able to catch my breath and breathing profusely. He pushed me to my limits and a little beyond. While it was pure torture, I felt fantastic afterward. I realized how beneficial this could be for me. After the first two sessions, I signed up for a full year. With the personal trainer working with me one on one and holding me accountable, I can’t make excuses. I need to show up and give it my all. We’ve now set some fitness goals and I’ve achieved some of them. It feels fantastic and I want to keep going. I want to continue to improve my fitness level. I want to become faster and stronger. Fitness has now become a priority in my life and I’m enjoying all the benefits.
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