Making use of gym membership

My lifestyle recently needed to change.

  • I just wasn’t taking good enough care of myself.

It was growing more and more apparent to me. While I maintained a gym membership, I wasn’t dedicated about using it. I’d stop by on the weekends sometimes for weight lifting for about thirty minutes or so. I never utilized any of the many machines or other amenities. When my gym membership came up for renewal, I gave it some thought. I felt that I was wasting my money. However, my wife is also a member at the gym. She spends at least an hour there six days per week. She’s always kept herself trim, strong and in peak physical condition. Although she’s never given me a hard time about my lack of motivation, I was slightly embarrassed about it. Rather than give up the gym membership, I decided to stop wasting those fees and start taking full advantage of them. I volunteered to go with my wife to the gym every day. I let her guide me on what machines I should use. At first, I was really miserable. I didn’t enjoy running on the treadmill or using the stairmaster. I eventually started to notice a difference in my strength and stamina. I liked the feeling at the end of a strenuous workout. I felt proud of working up a good sweat and getting my heart pumping. I now am eager to head to the gym. Missing a workout rarely happens. I am in such better shape. I am strong and fit, and I look so much better. I can tell that my wife appreciates the effort.



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