Making health a priority

I make it a point to find ways to settle my mind, relax my body and focus on my physical and mental health.

The world is so fast paced and my job is demanding. If I don’t take the time to keep up with the needs of my mind and body, I become overwhelmed. I become depressed and lethargic. My sleep suffers and I have no energy when I get up in the morning. I struggle to be productive at work. Because of this, I’ve developed a workout program, meditation program and diet plan that work for me. I’m extremely dedicated. I don’t let anything get in the way of it. Whether I’m at home, traveling, hanging out with friends or whatever is going on in my life, I make the time and effort to take good care of myself. Every morning, I set my alarm early enough to get an hour of strenuous exercise. I combine high intensity cardio with strength training, flexibility and balance exercises. I take the time to perform a proper warm up and cool down. By elevating my heart rate and getting breathless and sweaty, I keep my body in peak condition. I experience a sort of high sensation and feel proud of myself for the accomplishment. I fuel my body with an assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins and plenty of vitamins and minerals. I make sure to drink a great deal of water throughout the day and avoid caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol. In the evening, before bed, I spend a half an hour on meditation. I empty my mind of negative thoughts and concentrate on the positives. I give thanks for my health and my lifestyle. I then sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.


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