Making fitness a priority

My life is hectic and often stressful.

My husband and I both work full-time jobs that are extremely demanding.

We own a fairly large house that requires quite a bit of upkeep. We have three boys who are all involved in hockey. Above and beyond their school tasks, they have multiple practices during the week and games on weekends. We often travel out of state for tournaments. Even during the off season, the boys are at the rink for training camps. Trying to keep up with everything’s a challenge. There isn’t a lot of time left over to be selfish. However, my husband and I are very aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves. There’s no way we could keep up with our busy lives if we were sick or injured. We need to keep ourselves in good physical condition. Plus, when we’re in good physical shape, we’re in a better mood. The stress doesn’t bother us as much. We have more energy. My husband and I need to be very dedicated and persistent to get our workouts accomplished. We try very hard to complete our workouts first thing in the morning. We’re both members at a local fitness center and often head there prior to work. This requires getting up super early. Some days, it’s simply not possible. I’ve already gone for a run while the boys are practicing on the ice. We have a treadmill and some other equipment at the house. There are times when I need to workout late in the evening. I just know that I feel so much better once I’ve gotten a good sweat and gotten my heart pumping. If I’m required to skip the workout, I am not happy.

Training methods

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