I like to jump rope

I’ve now built up that I can do a solid hour of jump rope

I recently discovered that jumping rope is great exercise. I bought myself a new set of ropes that are different weights. They attach easily to the same pair of handles. I use the heavier ropes for more of an upper body workout. I use the lighter weight ropes for higher intensity cardio. The ropes weren’t cheap but they are worth it. They rotate smoothly and are sized perfectly for my height. I also purchased a rubber mat specifically designed for jumping. This helps to cushion the impact and avoid damaging the ropes. I can bring the mat and ropes almost anywhere and get in a great workout. I sometimes jump to music and make up my own programs. I am working on all different types of tricks. I’ve mastered high knees, jumping jacks and crossovers. I’m still trying to accomplish double unders with regularity. Sometimes I make use of the app on my phone. The app guides me through jump roping workouts. I can choose between beginner and advanced levels. The workouts vary between fifteen minutes to half an hour. Some of them are straight jumping while others incorporate push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, squats and lunges. At the conclusion of the workout, the app tells me how many calories I’ve burned. I always elevate my heart rate and end up dripping sweat. I like that I’ve significantly increased my speed and endurance. I have a quarter pound, half pound, one pound and two pound rope. I jump nearly every single day. I’ve now built up that I can do a solid hour of jump rope. It’s awesome. I feel great afterward and have seen a change in my muscle tone.

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