Group fitness classes make me accountable

I used to procrastinate about going to the gym.

  • When I’d arrive home from work, I’d have good intentions to get dressed for the gym right away and head to the gym.

Then, I’d frequently find all these little reasons to put off the visit. It was just too easy to decide it had gotten too late, and I’d need to wait until the following day. I couldn’t get myself motivated for physical exertion. After work, I was exhausted, stiff and sore and just wanted to grab something to eat and sit in front of the television. Starting a workout program was the last thing on my list. Now and then I’d make myself go to the gym, spend about twenty minutes weight lifting and get on a cardio machine for a bit. I was always eager to go home. I always felt better when I was done. I felt good about doing something for my health and physical fitness. I wasn’t enjoying the workout program while I was doing it. I was steadily going to the gym less as well as less. I was paying a monthly gym membership fee to not even show up. When my local gym membership lapsed, I decided I needed to change up my workout program. I went back to the gym and looked into the list of group classes offered. I found a spin class scheduled to start right at the end of my workday. Signing up for it made me feel like I had to show up. Being held accountable got me showing up at the gym. At first, the class was difficult but I saw it as a challenge. As I got better and gained stamina, I got eager to my class. I made friends with people in the class and we’d go out for a quick drink afterward. I am now a regular at the gym and feeling great.


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