Buying a stationary bike

I recently saved up my money to purchase a piece of fitness equipment.

  • Modern training systems are extremely expensive.

I wanted to make a smart choice and have my investment provide the maximum possible benefits. I spent a ton of time researching different options. I read up on the advantages and drawbacks of treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and stationary bikes. Plus, there are all different styles of each of these and a wide price range. I finally decided that I wanted a piece of equipment that avoided hard impact on my joints. This eliminated the treadmills. I also wanted something that would work the whole body and burn a ton of calories. I decided that the rowing machine was geared more toward the upper body than I was comfortable with. It came down to the elliptical and stationary bike. I eventually chose the stationary bike because it was more compact. I like that I can read my Ipad while I’m pedaling. I spent quite a bit of money so that I could have an interactive experience. The bike features a monitor and includes wifi connectivity. I can join live training sessions with other people all over the world. I can choose virtual courses across the globe. I can also increase resistance levels as if I’m riding uphill. I am able to set goals whether for time, speed or calories. I typically burn around 600 calories in an hour. I sometimes feel guilty because it seems like I must not be working out hard enough. The sessions are just really enjoyable. But I always get my heart pumping, end up sweaty and feel the fatigue in my legs.

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