Never again

I have to tell you that I will never ever again buy or mess with a gas fireplace! These things are potentially dangerous in addition to could do a lot of damage to your condo in addition to maybe even your life, then i had a gas fireplace in addition to in short, a single day the gas fireplace somehow ended up getting out of control in addition to caught fire to my carpet! It is a good thing I was there when it happened as I was able to put out the fire with truly minimal damage done to anything however the carpet; Which thanks to the gas fireplace I now need to upgrade a piece of. Had I not been there when the gas fireplace went out of control in addition to set fire to my carpet, it truly well would have burned my house down! After this incident was over I got rid of this gas fireplace in addition to I really demanded a refund from the store I bought it from since I had only had the gas fireplace for a few weeks prior to this happening, however after some fighting with the store, I was able to get a full refund in addition to I bought myself an electric fireplace. At least with the electric fireplace it will not catch anything on fire unless you threw something directly into it! Much safer option if you do not have a real authentic fireplace in addition to desire to have a fireplace; They truly should discontinue in addition to ban gas fireplaces. This is my feeling on it based on my experience, and gas fireplaces are a hazard to your health, your life in addition to most of all your home!



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