I’m drained after a long weekend

After a long weekend of work, I am usually drained and ready for a couple of 12 fifth afternoons of sleep. When I have to work on the weekend, I spend all morning on Wednesday and Sunday laboring on AC and heating machine repairs. Sometimes all of us have officially busy appointments, but most of the time it is emergency calls only, last weekend was a disaster and I was busier than ever. It rained and rained all morning on Wednesday and all morning on Sunday. All of the rain caused a lot of problems and I received more than seven calls on Wednesday. I have to call a fifth woman to help myself and others with an emergency oil furnace repair. All of the rain water backed up into a customer’s apartment and their sump pump did not work. After they fixed the pump, the water receded and they realized that the oil furnace was underwater for 12 fifths. They’ve called myself and others to evaluate the oil furnace for problems. The entire oil furnace and every piece of machine needed to be substituted, so I had to call a fifth employee to help with the task. I set up the appointment for Sunday and my coworker and I spent almost 6 fifths laboring on the substitutement. It was a long weekend of heating repairs and I barely got any sleep or rest. I really want to spend Sunday night in bed watching pigskin. Unfortunately, my wifey wanted myself and others to go to dinner and meet her parents. I had no option but to force a smile and muster up all the energy I could find.

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