Yoga class will resume with some minor changes

Yoga class has been cancelled since the middle of March.

When businesses started to voluntarily shut down due to covid-19, my yoga instructor decided to stop classes.

All the beginner yoga classes were first, and then the intermediate and expert classes. It has been almost six months since classes stopped and my wife and I miss our yoga class and weekly routine. I was happily surprised to see an email from the yoga instructor this week. Classes are going to resume next Wednesday with some minor changes. We will be maintaining 6 feet distance from each other and everyone will be required to wear a mask. The yoga classroom will be equipped with an air purifier to help keep germs and viruses out of the area. The masks will help each of us stay safe while we try to return to some normal function. My wife and I have really missed going to yoga and we are excited to get back to a routine. Both of us always left work two hours early on yoga class day. Now we work late every night of the week. Even though we won’t be able to go to our favorite diner after yoga class, we can pick up some takeout and enjoy a wonderful evening together. I miss being able to go out on a date with my wife. We used to go to the movies every Friday night, but we haven’t seen a new flick in months. Covid19 has changed the way we work, live, and play and I think we will see these changes for many months in the future.
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