Membership discounts at the crossfit gym

Since the beginning of April, membership has been decreasing at the CrossFit gym.

I’m sure a lot of the reason is due to the coronavirus and threat of getting sick.

During May, we had to close the CrossFit gym for 2 weeks. One of our members tested positive for Coronavirus and we had to clean and sanitize every inch of the facility. Since we closed the facility for 2 weeks, membership has decreased even more. Many of our full-time members are choosing to work out from home instead of coming to the gym. The owner of the CrossFit gym told me to come up with an idea to get more people through the door. The only idea I could come up with was to lower our membership fees for a few months. We cut the membership price in half and we are advertising on social media. Since the membership fees are extremely low, I’m hopeful more people will come through the door to sign up for our classes. If the membership discount doesn’t work, I’m afraid Covid19 will cause a steady decline until we eventually have to close the doors completely. Right now, this is the only cross fit gym in the area. The next closest location is more than 50 miles away. Our dedicated cross fit members will be very upset if we have to close this center for good. They will be required to drive a long distance or they will be forced to join a different gym that doesn’t offer the same fitness routine as the crossfit gym.


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