Business is booming for the fitness center

Ever since the fitness center reopened after coronavirus, we have been very busy.

All of our group fitness classes are filled up and we have several clients waiting for a time to meet with a personal trainer.

The kickboxing class is filled and we had to start a second yoga class for beginners. We even extended our hours to 9pm instead of eight to accommodate all of our clients. When the doors close, we still have a room full of patrons. I have to hire 4 more personal trainers this week. I have a stack of applications the size of a mountain. It’s hard to find good personal trainers that can follow direction and keep a schedule. Most guys and gals want to make their own schedule and meet clients outside of the gym. Our policy is very strict here. All personal trainers must schedule appointments at the gym and meet with clients in our workout studio. Any outside classes will not be tolerated at all. This has been the policy since we opened the fitness center six months ago. For insurance purposes, all of our clients must be in the building. In fact, we have two large signs in the break room that state all fitness classes must be scheduled in the gym. We had to fire two trainers last month, because they were scheduling in home classes. We are already short staffed and business keeps improving. My goal for the weeknd is to find twelve qualified candidates in this stack of applications. I’m going to schedule interviews for next week.



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