All the toilets are overflowing

I am the manager for a large 24-hour fitness center that focuses on mental and physical fitness as a total package. When I was hired, I started working on the night shift. I had to spend six months working on the night shift before I was promoted to a day shift position. There are some definite perks to working on the night shift. First, customers are a lot more friendly in the middle of the night. The fitness center isn’t very busy and I always see the same people. Unfortunately, when there is a problem in the middle of the night it can be difficult to solve. A few months ago, all of the toilets in the men’s locker room were overflowing. It happened all at the same time and I didn’t know how to fix the problem. I called the plumber that we normally use but they we’re closed. I had to shut down the fitness center for the rest of the night until we could get a plumber in the building in the morning. We had major problems with the plumbing under the men’s locker room and it took 2 days to fix the issue. One week later, the same problem occurred in the ladies locker room. Unfortunately, it was the middle of a weekend and the gym was packed with people. The owner could not close the gym for the entire weeknd, so we had one locker room for all of our female guests. I’m certainly glad that I don’t work on night shift any longer, because It’s easier to solve problems during the day.


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